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05  March 2013
Two New Cupellation Furnaces Installed

Why do we do Fire Assay ?

The most reliable and accurate, but totally destructive, gold and silver analysis is fire-assay, also known as the cupellation method.  This analysis separates the precious metals from base metals using a lead cone in a cupellation furnace. Fire Assay of gold is recognized in the industry as the international standard, providing results that can be accurate on gold metal to 1 part in 10,000.  Although time consuming, the method is the accepted standard applied for valuing gold and silver bullion at major refineries including Glines & Rhodes, Inc.  The primary advantage of performing fire assay analysis is that we can fire large samples and thus increase the accuracy of results.

Glines & Rhodes takes the issue of our assay results very seriously.  We continually invest in capital equipment such as our two recently installed cupellation furnaces.  This investment is a means to ensure that our labs are equipped with the latest tools for the most precise analysis of your precious metals.  We invite you to refine your material with Glines & Rhodes and experience for yourself the superior results produced by our expert staff and modern labs.

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