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News & Updates

01  July 2012
New Stone Frosting Services Added

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. has recently added a new service for the customer who is utilizing our stone recovery refining services.  At the completion of the stone removal cycle-- after the gemstones, diamonds and synthetic melee has been chemically separated from the precious metals, an additional “frosting service” can be applied.  At the request of the customer all white stones will be bathed in a chemical solution that targets Cubic Zirconia.

The solution etches and destructs the surface of the C.Z.’s, and leaves a distinctive white color or “frosting” on the surface.  The chemical process does not harm any of the precious diamonds or gemstones, only the C.Z.’s.  The “frost” discoloration allows the customer to sort the C.Z.’s from the other stones in much less time and hassle this process can potentially save hours of work and cost of a gemologist.  There is no extra fee for frosting C.Z.’s when utilizing our stone removal refining service.

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