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01  January 2012
CEIA SMD601 Metal Detector

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. takes the security of your material very seriously.  The installation of the  CEIA SMD601 Loss Prevention System  provides the highest sensitivity multi-zone walk-through metal detector on the market today.  This technology offers extraordianrily high sensitivity allowing us to detect precious metals down to fractions of a gram.  This system is utilized by our security team to scan our personnel and visitors everytime they enter or exit our refining facility.  The superior uniformity of the electromagnetic field of the SMD601 Metal Detector provides very consistent metal detection readings on every individual passing through.  The scan can be compared to a previously saved individual profile, picking up changes in removable and nonremovable objects such prosthetics, wedding rings, piercings, etc.

You can feel confident that we care about the safety of your material as much as you do.  Send your material in for refining with Glines & Rhodes and rest easy.

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