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Shipping & Receiving

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. personnel inspects the customer’s incoming scrap material and verifies weights against the incoming paperwork. Your account executive will contact you with any significant discrepancies in weight or type of scrap received prior to refining.   All lots are assigned an individual lot number and processed independently.  


Glines & Rhodes, Inc. takes great care to keep its people and your material safe.  Scrap arrives under surveillance and remains monitored in our guarded facility.   Visitors and workers are scanned upon entry and exit to the refinery and monitored during their stay.     

 High Grade Refining

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. has multiple high induction furnaces of varying sizes to efficiently accommodate the individual melt needs of each customer.  We are extremely qualified to refine numerous types of high grade materials that contain gold, platinum, silver, palladium, iridium, rhodium and ruthenium.  These materials may be generated from manufacturing or R&D processes such as metal clippings, grindings, stampings, over-runs or obsolete inventory.  

On-site Visits

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. welcomes customers to make an appointment to visit our secure facility and experience the refining processes in person.  We offer a clean witness room to allow customers to watch their material be weighed in, melted and processed.

 Stone Recovery

We offer an economical, chemical process that gently separates and recovers the precious metals from stones.  A chemical frosting process can also be added which ruins and distinctively discolors all CZ’s, making diamond from CZ sorting effortless. 

 Low Grade Refining

Low grade scrap may include various forms of media or waste collected from a manufacturing process using precious metals.  Our multiple incineration furnaces, ball mills, sifters and blenders are customized to handle the small polishing dust job to huge volumes of sweeps and filters. 

Chemical Stripping Process

Our acid-stripping process is an efficient and economical method of extracting precious metals off the surface of various plated materials, such as plastics or stainless steel.   

Expert Assay Laboratory

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. chooses the fire assay method for determining gold and silver content because it is widely regarded for its superior accuracy and reliability.  ICP is utilized to determine your platinum group metal content, given its industry-wide acclaimed accuracy, reliability, and precision to a part per million.  XRF is used when a quick and non-destructive estimate is needed.

Settlement & Trading Desk

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. offers flexible settlement and trading options.  Settlement options include monetary check or wires, an assortment of bullion options, pure grain, or metal transfers to fabricators.  We also offer market lock-ins or tolling options on some forms of scrap to help hedge against market volatility.

Customer Support Team

Every customer gets an Account Executive and Regional Sales Manager team to help service your account and track your refining lots.  Often times we may visit with our clients to help evaluate your scrap generation process and advise the right refining programs. 

Environmental Responsibility

Glines & Rhodes, Inc. cares about the environment.  We follow all applicable federal and state environmental mandates and help our customers recycle its waste streams into reusable metals, further benefitting the environment.